Hello, I’m Dan, a digital publisher and SEO consultant based in Liverpool

I left my job as an SEO professional after 10 years in the industry to go freelance while also working on my own portfolio of sites.

If you’re looking for help with your SEO let me know..


You don’t have to be an SEO pro to rank higher on Google

Get an expert audit of your site recorded on video. Full of actionable tips and advice to boost growth, results and revenue.

  • A custom video uniquely tailored to your site
  • Receive valuable, actionable tips and advice to improve SEO
  • Discover how to boost organic traffic, sales and revenue

SEO Tools

You’ll find some really useful SEO tools and calculators in my blog which can help you to work out things like fees and conversion rates.

SEO Consultant

I’ve been honing my craft in the SEO industry since 2012 and have worked with numerous multi-million-pound companies, QUANGOs and more.

SEO For Construction

Whatever the size of your construction company, SEO has the potential to transform your business and bring in a steady flow of leads.

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