An Easy Way To Find Low Competition Kws In High Competition Niches

Find Easy KWs in Tough Niches! (2) (1)

In one of my previous posts, I explained how you could use Ahrefs Content Explorer to find high traffic potential low competition keywords that you could build a site around.

Since posting that I’ve got quite a few queries from people asking how they can find low competition keywords for their pre-existing site.

So i’ve put together the video below explaining how you can tweak that method to find low competition opportunities in competitive niches:

Here’s the process I used:

  1. Log into ahrefs and navigate to the content explorer.
  2. Chuck a very broad generic keyword into the search bar relating to your niche. In my video I used the example of “insurance” as this is one of the most competitive niches out there.
  3. Change language to “English” (if you speak other languages have a look at these as often competition is lower in non-english languages)
  4. Turn “Filter explicit search results” on
  5. Then press “add filter” and select “domain rating”, leave the from box empty and put a low number around 15 in the to box…if you don’t get any usable results then increase this.
  6. Then add a “page traffic” filter of around 500 (again play around with this if you don’t get usable results).

You will now see a list of pages that get more than 500 sessions a month on sites with a domain rating of less than 15.

Have a look through for an article that would work on your website, once you’ve found one then write up something that is better and more useful to users and hopefully you should stand a great chance of ranking for it!

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