11 Ways To Get Banned From Fiverr

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Fiverr can be a great place to run a potentially lucrative side gig. As a well-known services marketplace there is quite a bit of competition on the platform to get your gig seen.

Consequently, there are numerous things that sellers may be tempted to do to improve the visibility of their gig…the problem is almost all of these can result in an account ban.

If you want to avoid losing your Fiverr account then don’t do any of these:

1. Faking Reviews

Fiverr’s Terms & Services page says that:

“To prevent any misuse of our Feedback system, all feedback reviews must come from legitimate sales executed exclusively through the Fiverr platform from users within our Community. Purchases arranged, determined to artificially enhance Seller ratings, or to abuse the Fiverr platform with purchases from additional accounts, will result in a permanent suspension of all related accounts.”

Encouraging another Fiverr user to exchange reviews with you or getting anyone who hasn’t legitimately used your service to leave a review can be seen as an attempt to ‘artificially enhance seller ratings’ and can therefore result in an account ban.

2. Copying A Gig

Crafting a compelling Fiverr gig description or gig title can be hard work.

However don’t be tempted to just have a look at similar gigs that are ranking well and copy theirs, this will quickly be spotted and will result in a ban.

Instead take the time to clearly state what you will deliver, what your unique selling points are, and what a buyer can expect when they order a gig from you.

3. Having More Than One Fiverr Account

Having more than one Fiverr account is against Fiverr’s terms of service and can result in all associated accounts being banned.

Fiverr can detect multiple accounts in a number of ways:

  • If you routinely use both of your accounts from the same device Fiverr can easily detect this.
  • If you use your different accounts over the same internet service Fiverr can track that both accounts use the same I.P address.
  • If both accounts get paid to the same Payoneer or Paypal accounts it is easy for Fiverr to see that your accounts are connected.
  • When your seller profiles are very similar.

4. Spamming Other Sellers

Messaging other sellers and platform users on Fiverr is fine…to a point.

If you are constantly spamming people on there trying to sell your service or just generally irritating people then it is likely that your account will be flagged and potentially banned.

5. Asking For Payment Outside Of Fiverr

Fiverr takes a cut of 20% of all earnings on the platform.

If you encourage a buyer to pay you outside of Fiverr you can avoid this fee and earn 20% more from the job.

This is poor conduct which clearly violates their terms of services, it is also very easy for Fiverr to detect, so if you do this expect to lose your account promptly!

6. Faking Gig Clicks & Saves

People clicking on your gig and saving your gig can contribute to it ranking higher with Fiverr.

Getting people to click on your gig or save it to their ‘my gigs’ list is also against Fiverr’s term of service as this is seen as an attempt to manipulate their gig ranking system.

7. Stealing Gig Images

Designing a nice gig image can be hard if you’re not an expert in that kind of thing or if you don’t have a Canva account.

Don’t be tempted to steal a gig image as this will quickly be flagged and will again result in an account ban.

If you can’t make an attractive gig image yourself you should consider hiring someone on Fiverr to do exactly that!

8. Copyright Infringement

Any form of copyright infringement or trademark infringement could result in an instant ban.

When you are producing any content for your gig ensure that it is Copywrite free, failure to do so means you will have breached Fiverr’s Intellectual Property Claims policy and could be reported and banned.

9. Inappropriate Gigs

Inappropriate gigs can include things such as:

  • Adult oriented services
  • Pornographic content
  • Inappropriate/Obscene gigs
  • Misleading, violent or deceptive gigs

Most Fiverr users would never dream of trying to sell any services like those on the platform…but there are plenty of people who have tried, hence this has to be included in the Fiverr terms of services.

10. Offering to prepare academic works on behalf of Buyers

If you try and set up a gig that offers to do someone’s dissertation, school homework or any academic work of any kind your account will be banned.

While these kinds of malpractices are prevalent online they are not tolerated on Fiverr.

If you set up a gig offering a service like this expect to see your account quickly disappear!

11. Exceedingly low-quality Gigs

Accounts that put out exceedingly low-quality gigs may also be banned.

The reason for this is that Fiverr seeks to uphold some sort of standards if the overall quality of gigs on the platform is poor then this reflects badly on Fiverr as a whole and is bad for both Fiverr and other people who are gigging on the platform as buyers are less likely to use it.

How To Get Back A Disabled Fiverr Account

If you have directly violated Fiverr Terms of Services then unfortunately it is unlikely you will be able to get your account back.

However, it may be that Fiverr has mistakenly disabled your account or you made an honest mistake that was interpreted as being a TOS violation.

If this is the case then contact Fiverr and explain exactly what happened, they will then review your case and may restore your account.

To do this follow these steps:

  1. Head to the Fiverr Support page.
  2. Select ‘Account & Security’
  3. Then select ‘Account issues’
  4. Then ‘Account was disabled’
  5. Explain what happened/how it was an honest mistake/how you believe you are not in violation of the terms of service.
  6. A Fiverr representative will review your case and get back to you shortly.

Can You Create A New Fiverr Account After your Old Account Is Disabled?

Strictly speaking, if you have been banned from Fiverr for a terms of service violation then you are not allowed to open a new account.

If you try to open a new account using the same email address, phone number or bank details then you are likely to get instantly banned again.

To open a new Fiverr account after you have had an account banned make sure that you:

  • Use a different email address.
  • Clear your browser caches (on all devices you have used Fiverr on) ensuring that all Fiverr data is removed.
  • Verify your account using a different phone number.
  • Use a different Paypal account/bank account for payments.
  • Do not link your Fiverr account to your social media accounts.
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