Best 6 Fiverr SEO Gigs That Are Actually Worth Buying

best seo gigs on fiverr

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Fiverr has a poor reputation amongst the SEO community as being a place plagued with low-quality services that aren’t worth your time.

While it’s fair to say that there aren’t many (or any at all) link-building gigs that I could genuinely recommend on Fiverr, there are other gigs that do have value and can be worth investing in to give you a bit of SEO help.

Below are 6 genuinely useful SEO related gigs that you can buy on Fiverr:

Gig TypeLink
1Surfer OptimisationView Gig on Fiverr
2Technical Site AuditsView Gig on Fiverr
3Toxic Link RemovalsView Gig on Fiverr
4Visual Content CreationView Gig on Fiverr
5Local CitationsView Gig on Fiverr
6Alt TextView Gig on Fiverr

1. Surfer Optimisation Gigs

Click image to view this gig on Fiverr

Surfer is an SEO tool that is designed to help SEOs ensure that the content they write is properly optimized for their target keyword.

It does this by scanning the content of the top-ranking pages and looking at over 500 on-page signals before benchmarking your content against it.

It will then give you a load of data and scores which will tell you things that your post is missing.

Surfer is without a doubt a valuable SEO tool, I had a post that for some reason wasn’t ranking in the top 100 results.

I chucked it in Surfer, made the recommended amendments, and voila…it flew up to page two!

If you have a post that you’ve tried everything on and you just can’t get it to move then buying a Surfer optimization gig on Fiverr could be a good choice which will save you the $49/month it will cost to get Surfer for yourself.

This gig from Vinciseo is a decent option:

  • Basic – £11.44 – Re-Optimize 1 keyword, 1 page. Add 2 FAQ questions.
  • Standard – £38.15 – Re-Optimize 3 keywords, 3 pages, 3 NLP Report, 6 FAQ questions.
  • Premium – £72.48 – Re-Optimize 6 keywords, 6 pages, 6 NLP Report, 15 FAQ questions.

2. Technical Site Audit Gigs

Click image to view this gig on Fiverr

A comprehensive technical audit should be the starting point of any SEO strategy.

It allows you to identify problems that could be holding your site back.

Fixing these puts your site in the best possible position to benefit from your SEO efforts going forward.

There are plenty of gigs in Fiverr that promise actionable SEO audits.

However many of these are little more than export an SEO tool’s recommendations.

If you want to find a good SEO audit on Fiverr then you need to be willing to up your budget.

An example is this gig from Gorilla Marketing based in Manchester, UK:

  • Basic – £286.12 – A basic SEO & content video screen-share audit of your website with tips & recommendations.
  • Standard – £343.34 – An in-depth audit, also examining 2 of your competitors & their strategies.
  • Premium – £419.64 – A comprehensive video screen-share audit, also examining 4 of your competitors & their strategies.
Click image to view this gig on Fiverr

Fiverr has a well-deserved reputation as a place to avoid when it comes to links.

Despite this new SEOs flock to Fiverr all the time to buy gigs offering things like ‘1,000 High DA Backlinks’ or ‘SEO backlinks from high DA guest posts’.

Unfortunately, these types of links will do more harm than good, excessive numbers of poor links can get your site penalized.

There are a number of highly-rated gigs on Fiverr that will help you clean up dirty link profiles and put a disavow file together for you.

Creating a disavow file isn’t hard but it can take a long time scouring through each and every link to find the harmful ones, especially if it is a site that has a lot of links.

Fiverr is a great place to outsource this kind of work.

A good gig in this field to consider is this gig from frank_seo1:

  • Basic – £38.15 – Analyze Bad Backlinks up to 250 Root Domains.
  • Standard – £76.30 – Analyze Toxic Backlinks up to 500 Root Domains.
  • Premium – £152.59 – Toxic Backlinks analysis up to 2000 Root Domains and creation of a disavow file.

4. Video & Visual Content Creation

Ranking well on Google is largely about creating content that is as useful as possible to the user.

Adding clear instructional images or video content can help make your article more useful to a user which in turn can help it rank better.

If you’ve ever written a ‘how-to-make’ type article you’ll be aware that it can be difficult to get useful images.

For example, if you write an article on how to make a guinea pig hutch you may be able to get a couple of images of guinea pig hutches but it is pretty much impossible to get images that show the exact step-by-step process of building the hutch without doing it yourself.

Fiverr has a ton of talented designers who can put together step-by-step instructions on how to make any piece of furniture along with clear plans and cut lists, one such gig is this one.

There are also countless video creation gigs that can help add extra value to your article.

5. Local Citation Gigs

Click image to view this gig on Fiverr

At this point I must back-track somewhat.

I’ve said several times in this article that you should never buy links from Fiverr.

Well, this is *kind of* an exception.

Local business citations help Google to verify that your business name, address and phone number are all correct.

Strictly speaking, a local business citation doesn’t have to be a link, it is simply a mention of your business that verifies its details.

However, most citations are built on business directories and business profile pages where there will usually be an opportunity to add a link.

It makes sense to add the link to help Google see even more clearly that the contact details refer to the same business.

Business citations are believed to have an impact on rankings in the Google Map listings so they are worth getting for any local business.

The trouble is doing them yourself manually takes forever as you have to create an account on numerous directory sites, submit the business details and verify it 20, 30+ times over.

It’s simply not worth doing it yourself, instead it is an ideal task to outsource to someone on Fiverr who can do it far quicker and more efficiently.

You don’t need to be too fussy when choosing these types of gigs, something like this gig will do nicely:

  • Basic – £3.81 – 20 UK Local Citations
  • Standard – £7.63 – 50 UK Local Citations
  • Premium – £22.89 – 140 UK Local Citations

One thing to be aware of though is to make sure the seller your choose does business citations in your area.

I’m UK-based so this is a UK business citations gig.

If you’re based in the U.S make sure to find someone who does U.S based citations.

6. Adding Alt Text To Images Gigs

Click image to view this gig on Fiverr

Adding image alt text is one of those things that is definitely worth doing on image-heavy sites to help gain Google image rankings.

If you’ve taken on a new client who has a website packed full of thousands of ‘alt tag-less’ images you will probably make a note somewhere that you need to add those alt tags…but you’ll more than likely ignore actioning it for years to come.

Alt tags give search engines context as to what an image is of, this helps search engines to index your image correctly ensuring it will appear in the image search results for appropriate search terms.

So adding them is well worth doing.

It’s not a difficult task, all you have to do is describe what’s in the image.

It’s the perfect SEO job to outsource to someone on Fiverr, such as Umair9141’s gig here:

  • Basic – £7.63 – Optimization of 2 pages-Meta tags, H tags, Alt tags.
  • Standard – £53.41 – Optimization of 12 pages-Meta tags, H tags, Alt tags and detailed seo audit report.
  • Premium – £106.82 – Optimization of 30 pages-Meta tags, H tags, Alt tags and detailed seo audit report.

Be aware: Most ‘alt text’ gigs such as the gig above offer including things like H1, H2 & meta tag optimization, make it clear before ordering that you don’t want any other services you only need alt tags optimizing and you may get a cheaper quote.

If you’re looking to make money on Fiverr from SEO then opt for the type of gigs above rather than the type of gigs below!

Some Fiverr SEO Gigs To Stay Away From:

We’ve mentioned 5 gigs that are worth buying on Fiverr, but there’s no getting away from the fact that Fiverr is saturated with countless low-quality gigs which will do your SEO efforts more harm than good.

Here are a couple of gig types that we recommended you avoid as they are will be a waste of money:

Keyword Research Gigs

If you have a quick search of Fiverr you will find countless keyword research gigs, many of them with hundreds of sales and glowing 5-star reviews.

Ahrefs recently did a video where they bought 3 different keyword research gigs, you can watch it below:

They bought gigs at three different price points:

  • a $15 gig
  • a $80 gig
  • a $150 gig

The $15 gig consisted of:

  • An Ahrefs export of 30 keywords relating to their chosen niche with a few columns of metrics appended to it.
  • A generic action plan, explaining (poorly) how to build out the content.

Sam from Ahrefs thought that they would be able to rank for a maximum of 8/30 keywords provided by this gig.

The $80 gig consisted of:

  • A large export of related keywords from Ahrefs.
  • A video action plan.

The $150 gig consisted of:

  • An exported list of keywords including color-coded stats such as search volume & competition.
  • Despite talking about search intent on the gig page the keyword research included many keywords that were inappropriate for the required purpose.

All three of these gigs pretty much consisted of an export from an SEO tool with some basic commentary around how to use the keywords.

Rather than buying a keyword research Fiverr gig, I’d advise you save yourself money by getting a $7/7 day trial of Ahrefs and pulling your own keyword export!

Google has clamped down heavily on link-building over the years.

Some years back ranking on Google was largely about getting as many links as you could.

These days if Google suspects you may have paid for your link then you’re best off not having it.

If you’re going to buy any links (which as a *good* white hat SEO I must advise against doing), then I advise you make sure it hits the following criteria:

  1. The linking site has traffic (if Google is sending it traffic it must carry some value).
  2. The linking site is topically relevant to your site (if it’s topically irrelevant it looks suspicious & is unlikely to help you rank better).
  3. It doesn’t have a “write for us page” or anything else which would make it obvious to search engines that they are giving away/selling links.
  4. It’s not an obvious guest post farm.

I have bought links from Fiverr in the past out of curiosity and they’ve always failed the fourth point and often the first point too.

They’re typically spammed with guest posts linking to all kinds of unrelated sites.

They rarely have any traffic either, being sold on the basis of their “high DA”…which carries no value as this can easily be faked.

There are tons of other reasons why Fiverr link gigs should be avoided like the plague, but take it from me…just don’t buy them!

…and the rest

A couple of other examples of SEO gigs to avoid on Fiverr include things like:

  • Guaranteed page one rankings gigs
  • Any gigs which automate your SEO
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