Can You Use Canva To Design T-Shirts?

designing a tshirt on canva

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Yes, you can design t-shirts using Canva, they have thousands of t-shirt templates that you can edit you can also upload your own t-shirt designs to Canva or create your own designs from scratch.

They will also print and ship the t-shirt out to you for a fee.

Here’s how to design and print a t-shirt on Canva:

1. Log into Canva and search for the ‘t-shirts’ templates

2. Design Your t-shirt

There are a number of ways to design t-shirts on Canva.

You can use one of Canva’s t-shirt templates, you can upload your own design or you can design a t-shirt from scratch:

2a. Use a Canva Template

Browse the t-shirt templates to find one you like.

Open your chosen design template.

Make your edits.

2b. Upload Your Own Design

If you don’t want to use a Canva design you can upload another design.

To do this search for ‘t-shirts’ on the homepage and select the ‘create a blank t-shirt’ template.


Then press ‘uploads’ in the menu on the left of the page.

Select ‘upload media’ to upload your design file.

2c. Design Your t-shirt From Scratch On Canva

To do this search for t-shirts on the homepage and select the ‘create a blank t-shirt’ template.

You can then add your own images, elements, and text to the t-shirt template.

3. Press The ‘Print T-Shirts’ Button

When you’re happy with your design press the ‘Print T-Shirts’ button in the top right.

This will open up your printing options.

Canva will print your T-shirts for you and dispatch them for a fee.

If you want to use your own t-shirt printing facilities then press on the three dots next to the ‘Print T-Shirts’ button and select ‘Download’ so that you can then print it yourself.

4. Choose Sizing, Color & Delivery Options

printing options

To make sure you get the right-sized t-shirt click where it says ‘sizing guide’ in purple.

Here you will see Canva’s t-shirt size options ranging from small to XXL with the t-shirt length and width for each size visible in the table.

5. Click ‘Continue’ & Fill Out The Shipping Details

6. Click Continue & Pay For Your t-shirt

Press the continue button, on the next page you will be asked to confirm and pay for your t-shirt.

If you are not using a free Canva account they will automatically use your bank card that they have on file to pay for your paid account.

If you are using a free account you will need to input your bank details at this stage.

Once done press ‘place order’ to complete the order.

That’s it, you have successfully designed and printed a t-shirt on Canva!

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