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how to choose an seo company

How To Choose An SEO Company

The SEO industry is completely unregulated. Anyone can set up an SEO company overnight if they want to, and the unfortunate truth is that…

Does Domain Name Affect SEO

Does Domain Name Affect SEO?

Yes, your choice of domain name can affect SEO. However in most cases, it is probably less important than you think, the content on…

does traffic affect seo

Does Traffic Affect SEO?

This is a question that has caused a lot of fervent debate on SEO forums for years. Google has said countless times that they…

are long urls bad for seo

Are Long URLs Bad For SEO?

Having Long URLs is sub-optimal for SEO purposes. Ideally, your URLs should be short, easy to read and keyword-focused. For example, look at the…

do hyphens affect SEO

Do Hyphens Affect SEO?

Using hyphens is a good thing for SEO, particularly in URLs. Using hyphens in URLs helps make them more readable which is better for…