Fiverr Gig Image Size In Pixels

fiverr gig image size in pixels

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A Fiverr gig image should measure 550 pixels (width) x 370 pixels (height).

The file size of the image cannot exceed 5MB.

The image below measures exactly 550px x 370px:

fiverr gig image size in pixels

550px x 370px is the minimum recommended size however you can use larger images providing that they are done to the same scale.

For example, an image of 1600 pixels x 1076 pixels is acceptable.

Fiverr ranks gigs in part by the number of views a gig gets.

Your gig image is far more important than your Fiverr profile picture, in fact it is one of the most important elements of your Fiverr account as using high-quality images will help entice buyers to click on your gig.

High-quality images also convert better than low-quality ones so you’re sure to get more sales if you get people clicking on your gig image.

Take time to design yourself a high-quality gig image that measures 550px x 370px using a service like Canva…or you could even pay someone on Fiverr to do it for you!

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