What Does ‘Fiverr Pending Clearance’ Mean?

fiverr pending clearance

If you’ve completed a job on Fiverr you may be wondering why you can’t immediately receive your payment, the reason for this is Fiverr’s pending clearance policy.

Fiverr Clearing Time

Once an order has been completed Fiverr holds the funds for 14 days before ‘clearing’ them.

Once the 14-day pending clearance period has passed you can withdraw the funds.

fiverr pending clearance

Why Does Fiverr Take So Long To Pay?

It is not entirely clear why Fiverr takes so long to pay out following completion of an order.

However, the clearance period is likely in place to allow time to process payments and most importantly resolve any disputes that may arise following job completion before releasing the funds. 

On other marketplaces such as Upwork the clearance period is much shorter at around 5 days.

If you manage to become a Level 1 Fiverr seller your payments will clear in just 7 days instead of the usual 14days for lower-level sellers.

Fiverr Pending Clearance Late

If you’re concerned that you’ve waited 14 days and your funds are still not yet cleared this may be because Fiverr clears funds exactly to the minute the order was completed.

For example, if an order was marked complete on the 10th January at 5 pm then it will clear on the 24th January at 5 pm.

If you check on the 24th January at 4 pm you will see that your funds have still not cleared as they won’t do so until 5 pm.

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  1. This is Helpful. Thank you so much!

    1. You’re welcome!

  2. It can feel like that but just be patient and sooner or later you will get paid.

  3. It’s over fourteen days now and yet my money has not been cleared

    1. Have you managed to withdraw it now? Don’t forget that the 14 days is exact, so if you were paid at 10:15pm you won’t be able to withdraw the funds till 14 days later at 10:15pm

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