Fiverr Profile Picture Size In Pixels

Fiverr Profile Picture Size

You can use any sized image to create a Fiverr profile picture however the recommended size is 250 x 250 pixels.

For reference the image below is exactly 250 x 250 pixels:

Fiverr Profile Picture Size

When uploaded Fiverr will compress it and fit it into the profile image circle so make sure that your image is centralized (i.e the part of the image that you want to be visible can be seen in the middle of your image).

Once uploaded it will look like this:

final fiverr profile pic

Do not confuse your Fiverr profile picture with your Fiverr gig image as they have different recommended image sizes.

When selecting a profile picture it is a good idea to use an actual image of your face as this helps build buyer trust much more than a generic image.

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    I’m not able to upload my profile picture, it’s always show blanked.

  2. Why is fiverr not approving the seller profile now

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