Fiverr Search Tags Explained

fiverr search tags explained

Fiverr search tags are keywords that can be added when you create a gig, these make it easier for buyers to find your service.

For example, if you add the tag ‘website SEO audit‘ to your gig then a buyer searching for that specific keyword would be far more likely to find your gig than if you failed to use that tag.

How To Use Fiverr Search Tags Effectively

To get the best results out of your Fiverr search tags you should do these two things:

Choose search tags that people are looking for

The easiest way to do this is to input the general theme of your gig into the Fiverr search box such as ‘logo’ and then see what the auto-suggestions come up as.

search function

So if you were planning on setting up a logo design business it would be a good idea to use search tags such as;

  • ‘logo design’
  • ‘logo design minimalist’
  • ‘logo 3d’

Be aware: After you have input each tag make sure to hit ‘enter’ on your keyboard to add the tag.

Use 3-5 search tags per gig

Make sure they are directly relevant to your gig, adding irrelevant tags just to help boost your gigs visibility will do the opposite and negatively impact your Fiverr gigs ranking.

Fiverr search tags examples

Coming up with relevant search tags can be difficult if you’re posting your first Fiverr gig. Below we’ve put together some examples for different gig categories which we know people definitely do search for because Fiverr is suggesting these search terms.

Best Fiverr Search Tags

First off let’s be clear, there are no Fiverr search tags that you must add to your gig in order to make them rank better and make more money.

The best Fiverr search tags are the most relevant tags to your gig that people are actually searching for.

Some examples can be seen below.

Fiverr Data Entry Search Tags

Some of the most searched for data entry tags include:

  • data entry typing work
  • data entry and web research
  • data entry operator
  • data entry excel
  • data entry virtual assistant
  • data entry in one day
  • data entry copy paste

Fiverr search tags for writing

Some of the most searched for writing tags include:

  • writing a resume
  • article writing
  • write grants
  • creative writing
  • creative content writing
  • research and summary writing

Fiverr search tags for logo design

Some of the most searched for logo design tags include:

  • logo design minimalist
  • logo design vintage
  • logo design modern
  • mascot logo design
  • logo design YouTube
  • logo design business
  • feminine logo design

Fiverr search tags for WordPress

Some of the most searched for WordPress related tags include:

  • wordpress website design
  • wordpress plugin
  • wordpress speed
  • wordpress website speed optimize
  • wordpress fix issue
  • wordpress developer

Fiverr search tags for video editing

Some of the most searched for video editing related tags include:

  • video editing for YouTube
  • funny video editing
  • minecraft video editing
  • video editing wedding
  • video editing gaming

Fiverr search tags for a virtual assistant

Some of the most searched for virtual assistant related tags include:

  • virtual assistant amazon
  • virtual assistant shopify
  • virtual assistant on ebay
  • virtual assistant real estate
  • virtual assistant for amazon fba
  • virtual assistant social media

Fiverr search tags for photo editing

Some of the most searched for photo editing related tags include:

  • photo editing and retouching
  • photo editing real estate
  • car photo editing
  • amazon product photography editing

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  1. I appreciate the article. I needed it because I am starting my business on Fiverr and while setting up tags, the system was not accepting them. It turns out I needed to hit enter after typing each one. But I noticed the article does not mention that either. I recommend to mention it as others may need it too. Thank you.

    1. Thanks Jorge, glad it was useful, I’ve updated the article with your tip, all the best with your Fiverr gigs.

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  2. I write in tags and Fiverr rejects them every time. It won’t let me proceed with processing my Gig. What do I do? Is there a list of acceptable tags somewhere?

    1. are you sure the tags you are using are directly relevant to your gig? & you’re not using too many?

  3. What bullshit required fields! Not accepting search tags. I tried many. All my time wasted.

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