How To Delete Your Fiverr Account

how to delete fiverr account

There are many reasons why you may want to delete Fiverr.

You may use Fiverr gigs for SEO but have been drawn into buying terrible link packages which do more harm than good and you want to make a clean break from them, you may have multiple Fiverr accounts and want to delete them to avoid getting banned or you may have found somewhere else to get work which doesn’t take as large a cut of your fees as Fiverr.

Whatever your reasons for wanting to delete Fiverr are here’s how you do it:

1. Login To Your Account

2. Click Your Profile Image & Select ‘Settings’

3. In The ‘Account Deactivation’ Section Choose A Reason For Deactivating Your Account

4. Leave A Comment Explaining The Details Why You Are Deactivating Your Account (if you want to)

This is not essential so feel free to head straight onto step 5 unless you have some important feedback to give Fiverr.

5. Press ‘Deactivate Account’

Job done!

How To Reactivate Your Fiverr Account

If at any point you ever change your mind and decide you would actually like to use your old Fiverr account again all you need to do is:

  • Contact Fiverr support either by email or phone:
  • Let them know what your old Fiverr username was and ask to reactivate it – if you can’t remember what your username was search for ‘Fiverr’ in your email account.

How To Permanently Deactivate Your Fiverr Account

You can permanently delete your Fiverr account (making it impossible to reactivate) by contacting Fiverr support.

They will ask why you wish to do this before they delete your account.

A few things to be aware of when permanently deleting your Fiverr account:

  • The usernames and email addresses on your deleted account cannot be reused on a new Fiverr account. If you wish to do this, change your email in your account settings before deleting it.
  • You must clear all funds out of your account before it can be permanently closed.

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