How To Find Buyers Requests On Fiverr: 3 Easy Steps

buyer requests on fiverr

Buyers Requests are posted on Fiverr by buyers looking for specific services that they may be struggling to find in the main marketplace.

These are then shown to sellers that sell services relevant to the request, sellers can then submit an offer for the work.

To view buyers requests on Fiverr follow these steps:

1. Login To Fiverr Sellers Account

You won’t be able to find buyer requests if you are in your buyer account.

To switch from your buyer account to your seller account on a desktop device login to Fiverr, then select ‘switch to selling’ next to your profile image in the top right corner.

To switch your seller account on mobile open the app and select the account icon in the far right of the bottom menu.

finding buyer requests

When you press this you will see a slider button at the top, turn this on to switch your account to seller mode.

2. Select Buyers Requests

On desktop devices hover ‘more’ in the menu, then in the drop-down menu select ‘Buyers Requests’.

select buyer requests

On mobile simply scroll down and you will see ‘Buyers Requests’, click this.

how to find buyer requests on mobile

3. Browse The Requests

You will then be shown a list of active requests with their requirements, the number of offers they’ve received, the length of time they are accepting offers for (duration) and their budget:

You can then click on any requests that are of interest and submit an offer.

Why Are Buyer Requests Not Showing In My Fiverr Account?

If your buyer requests section looks something like this…

There are a number of reasons why this could happen:

1. You have no active gigs in your seller account

Buyer requests are shown to people who have similar gigs so if you have no active gigs no requests will be shown.

2. Your gigs are too niche

If your gig is too specific, this means that you have a very small potential audience so Fiverr has not identified any buyer requests that are relevant to your gigs.

3. Selected the wrong gig category

If you put your gig in the wrong Fiverr category when you made it you are unlikely to get many decent buyers requests served to you as your gig will not seem particularly relevant to many sellers so Fiverr will not show you their requests.

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