How To Order On Fiverr: 6 Simple Steps

how to order on fiverr

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If you are looking to purchase your first order on Fiverr follow these steps:

1. Sign In Or Join Up

Head to Fiverr.com and sign in.

If you haven’t got a Fiverr account hit the join button and follow the simple prompts to set up your Fiverr account.

2. Search For The Service You Want

search for the service you need

Use the search box to search for the service you need, then browse the gigs to find something suitable.

3. Select The Gig You Want To Order

select the gig you want to order
Click to view this awesome gig on Fiverr 😂

Click on the gig you want to order and then select the ‘Continue’ button on the right.

4. Choose Your Extras & Proceed To Checkout

choose your extras

Select any extras you would like, this can include things such as priority delivery.

Then select ‘Continue to Checkout’ on the right.

5. Choose Your Payment Method

choose a payment method

Choose how you want to pay.

Payment methods typically include:

  • Paypal
  • Credit & Debit cards

Depending on your location other payment methods may be available too.

6. Confirm & Pay

Select ‘Confirm and pay’ to complete the transaction.

Your gig will then be active and should be completed within the agreed timescale.

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