How To Post A Gig On Fiverr: 8 Simple Steps

how to post a gig on fiverr

Setting up your first gig on Fiverr is easy to do, just follow these 8 steps:

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1. Login To Fiverr & Switch To Selling Account

When you login to your Fiverr account look next to your profile image in the top right of the screen.

If it says ‘switch to selling’ then press it.

go to your selling account

If it says ‘switch to buying’ then you are already in your selling account so don’t need to do anything.

2. Select ‘Gigs’ & Create A New Gig

In the top menu click ‘Gigs’.

This will take you to a page with any existing gigs on.

Press the green button on the right that says ‘Create a new gig’.

select gigs & create new gig

3. Fill In The Gig Title, Category & Search Tags

fill in the gig title etc

Fill out the gig title, category and search tags boxes.

Your Gig title should be no more than 80 characters and should make it clear what you are offering to buyers.

Choose a category and sub-category that is most relevant to your service offering.

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Fiverr has over 300 available sub-categories so take your time choosing the most appropriate one.

Search tags are essentially keywords that someone may type into Fiverr to find your gig, choosing relevant tags that people actually search for in Fiverr will help give your gig more visibility.

Our article on Fiverr search tags explains how to find good search tags.

4. Set Pricing Levels

Here you can set the price for your service.

A good rule or thumb is to check the prices of similar services already live on Fiverr and set your prices 15-30% lower to account for the fact that you are new to the platform.

You can add standard and premium packages to your gig here, these should include extra services and your can set different prices and delivery times for each package.

5. Write A Gig Description & Add FAQs

Your Fiverr gig description helps convert interested buyers who have clicked on your gig into actual sales.

It is therefore important that you take your time filling this bit out.

Make sure it is clear, easy to understand and explains what a buyer can expect when they order from you.

gig description

Then scroll down the page to the FAQ section.

Here add as many relevant questions as you can think of that a buyer may ask about your gig. The more the better!


6. Add Buyer Requirements

Buyer requirements are the things you need from the buyer before you can start work.

Depending on the service you are offering you may need:

  • Website logins
  • A guide image
  • Their business name or logo

Explain simply and clearly what you need from the buyer so that there is no confusion.

7. Add Gig Images

A good quality gig image helps your gig stand out in the search results.

Take time to design yourself a high-quality gig image measuring 550 pixels x 370 pixels using a service like Canva.

If you’re not particularly confident in your ability to create an eye-catching gig image then you could even pay someone on Fiverr to do it for you!

8. Publish Your Gig

You’re done, simply press the publish button and your gig will go live.

Buyers can then search and find it.

Be aware you may not get floods of orders coming in straight away though as it takes time to rank a Fiverr gig.

How To Create A Gig On The Fiverr App

Unfortunately, you can’t create gigs using the Fiverr app, you will need to use a desktop device and follow the steps above.

If you’re looking for more info on how to use Fiverr read this article.

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