How To Use Fiverr (For Buying & Selling)

how to use fiverr

Fiverr is one of the quickest growing platforms for freelance work. It’s quite a busy marketplace with a gig purchased every four seconds!

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Yep, while you were reading those lines, about two orders were placed through Fiverr.

Knowing how to use Fiverr can help you conduct your business and open up opportunities for you, whether you’re a buyer or a seller.

If you’re contemplating giving the platform a shot, all you need is this quick guide. 

Let’s get started!

How Fiverr Works

Fiverr, in short, is a platform that connects buyers and sellers in different categories.

Graphic design, translation, voice-over, and even art commissions are available on Fiverr.

The way it works is a buyer reaches out and sets an order with a seller.

Fiverr then holds the money until the order is done.

This way, both sides avoid scammers. Of course, Fiverr takes buyer fees (try our calculator to see exactly how much) and a 20% cut from the seller for its trouble.

Before we dig deeper into how you can use Fiverr for the first time, let’s cover some basic terminology:


A gig is a service that the seller provides on the website at a starting cost of $5.

Within the gig, the seller can set packages at various price points and offer extras. m,


A gig extra is basically just a chance for freelancers to up-sell their services.

Why settle for a PDF when you get the source file? Or why wait for regular delivery when you can get it extra fast?

How to Use Fiverr as a Buyer: 8 Simple Steps

For small business owners, platforms like Fiverr are problem solvers.

how to order on fiverr

Here’s how you can use Fiverr to buy a service without any hassle:

1. Set Up a Buyer Account

The registration process is very basic, and the interface is user-friendly.

You don’t have to be tech-savvy to find your way through the platform.

You only need a username and a valid email to register.

However, you need to activate your account within 30 days before the emailed link expires.

By default, new accounts are considered buyers, so the whole process should take under 10 minutes.

2. Browse the Categories

Now, you have to find a gig that suits your needs.

You can browse the categories till you find what you’re looking for.

To save time, you can also use the search bar. Keep in mind that most Fiverr gig titles are along the lines of “I Will Do X Service For You.”

Narrowing the selection down to a subcategory and then using the search tool can make things a bit easier.

3. Find the Right Price Range

In freelance marketplaces, a cheap gig isn’t always bad.

There’s a reason why Fiverr is cheap, and it’s not necessarily because of low quality.

Fiverr gigs start at $5 and go up to triple figures for the exact service and the same delivery time frame.

It may be a good idea to sort the gigs by rating to get a general idea about the average cost for this type of service.

Then, you can find a highly rated gig within the mid-range.

4. Choose a High-Quality Gig

There’s an overwhelming amount of gigs out there for every service category, and finding the right one can seem tough.

Fiverr moderators weed out low-quality gigs regularly, but some still slip through the cracks.

However, if you know what to look for, it’s easy to exclude bad gigs.

Here are a few red flags to avoid in Fiverr gigs:

  • Vague descriptions
  • Hyperboles and unrealistic promises
  • Blatant copyright infringement
  • Reviews that seem iffy or fake

5. Don’t Hesitate to Contact the Seller

Although there are scammers and exceptionally low-quality gigs on Fiverr, a lot of the conflicts over orders just break down to miscommunication.

Make sure you read the gig’s description carefully before you proceed with the order.

If you’re not sure if what you need is within the scope of the gig, contact the seller and hash out the details in a private chat.

6. Set the Order With a Payment Method of Your Choice

PayPal is the go-to payment method for most buyers on Fiverr.

However, there are other payment options that you could be interested in.

You’ll notice that there’s a buyer fee of $2 or 5.5%, depending on the total price.

Before you finalize the transaction, double-check that you selected the right gig.

You can add extras later, but a cancellation can hurt the seller’s ranking.

So, try to avoid setting wrong orders as much as you can.

7. Things Went Well? Mark the Order as Completed

After the seller delivers, take a look at the file.

Make sure that it meets your expectations, then mark the order as completed.

You’re always encouraged to leave a review to rate your experience (out of five stars) with the seller.

If you’re particularly happy with the delivered content, you might want to tip the seller.

Fiverr takes a 20% cut of the tips, too. So, keep that rate in mind if you choose to tip.

8. Not Satisfied? Use Your Revisions Wisely

You can ask for revisions if you’re not satisfied with the delivered file.

However, every gig has a certain amount of free edits.

After that, you might have to buy extra revisions.

The important thing is that once the seller delivers, you only have three days to ask for revisions before the order is automatically closed.

This period is often extended during the holidays, but don’t rely on that.

Review the delivered file as soon as possible and provide clear feedback if you want a revision.

How to Use Fiverr as a Seller: 8 Steps

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle or a way to make a living, putting your talents on Fiverr can prove its worth.

how to post a gig on fiverr

Here’s how you can start selling on Fiverr:

1. Set Up a (Credible) Seller Account

On Fiverr, seller accounts are just buyer accounts with extra steps.

However, you can only activate seller accounts through the desktop version and not the app.

You’ll need the desktop website to set the gigs, anyway.

So, start on your PC or laptop.

We recommend that you spend a lot of time perfecting your profile. In the world of freelancing, first impressions are important!

Adding a profile picture can make you seem friendly and approachable.

You can also make use of the bio section to show off your qualifications. 

If you want to go the extra mile, take a skill test.

2. Publish Your First Gig

From the top right corner, switch to selling and head to the “Gigs” tab.

Go ahead and start creating your first gig.

What is it that you feel like selling?

You’ll have to choose a category, subcategory, and price your packages.

Once you’re done, you can add a description and answer some FAQs to explain the details to potential buyers.

If you’re still confused, check our post on creating Fiverr gigs.

Depending on your seller level, Fiverr allows you a definite amount of gig slots.

You don’t worry about that, though. Just start with 2-3 gigs, for now.

3. Keep Your Phone on You

Fast responses are always a major plus.

Remember that potential clients can see your average response time on your profile.

Being a freelancer doesn’t mean waving goodbye to your me-time, though.

If you need time off, use the vacation feature to let potential clients know when you’ll be back.

You can also choose to limit the number of queued orders on every gig if you get overbooked quickly.

4. Deliver Quality Work on Time

Once you post your gig, it’s only a matter of time before you get your first order.

The worst thing to do then is to fail to deliver a good service and end up with a bad first review.

Do yourself a favor and take the time to understand what the client is asking for. Ask for specific instructions and let them know what you can do for them.

You’ll still meet unreasonable (and sometimes rude) clients every now and then.

Yet, high-quality content that’s delivered on time is very hard to dispute.

5. Monitor Your Analytics

Fiverr analytics is a set of tools that help you monitor parameters like impressions, clicks, conversion rate, and purchases for every gig.

If a gig has a low conversion rate, it means that people are checking it out but they decide against buying.

You might want to see why the gig deters potential clients.

Analytics also tells you what gigs bring in the highest revenue. You can either focus more on your best-selling services or try to attract traffic to the other gigs.

6. Aim for a High Rank

Because of the sheer volume of services offered, it can be quite challenging to pump your gig to a high rank.

However, a well-crafted gig with a clear description attracts more buyers. If the delivered content meets the description, you gain the client’s trust (and good ratings!)

Make the most out of search tags and gig images to attract the right audience. Plus, as a general rule, try to avoid cancellations like the plague!

If you need a few nudges in the right direction, read our article on ranking Fiverr gigs.

7. Watch Out for the Ban!

Fiverr has clear terms of service that help you identify what kind of conduct isn’t allowed on the platform.

Take a look at those rules and try to steer clear of any bannable offense.

Sometimes you get away with a warning from the moderators. Other times, your account can be immediately suspended.

Don’t Forget! If you do get banned there are loads of Fiverr Alternatives you can use…in fact, it’s a good idea to set up accounts on them anyway so that your service is seen by more people.

8. Cash Out Your Earnings

Don’t be alarmed if the order’s revenue isn’t cleared to your wallet right away.

Fiverr earnings are held as “Pending Clearance” for 14 days.

Once you’re ready to withdraw your earnings, make sure you have a valid bank to connect to your Fiverr account.

Paypal and Payoneer are the most common options to cash out from Fiverr. Set up the details and reap your hard-earned income!

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