Ranking no.1 With A.I. Written Content

ranking no.1 with a.i. content

So I managed to rank number one with an article that was written entirely with artificial intelligence, specifically using Jasper.ai (affiliate link – you get extra credits if you use it).

I was very impressed with Jasper.ai, the content was at least on par with my own writing and roughly 10x as fast!

The search term I ranked top for was not a competitive one, it was a very low competition “how to” type term with only about 40 searches a month.

The top ranking posts were forums, so this keyword was there for the taking.

It didn’t need a mind blowing piece of content to get that top spot.

I just needed something that clearly answered the question and covered related questions that people may also ask around that topic.

With a bit of guidance Jasper.ai was able to do that very easily.

The article in question I wrote with Jasper was only around 750 words long but that was all I needed for it to rank.

My Thoughts On A.I. Content

In some ways I’m disappointed that it ranked so well.

When I first started hearing about A.I content being a genuine thing that had the potential to replace writers I was honestly quite scared about it.

I’ve spent years building up my own portfolio of sites, a lot of the content I spent hours writing myself so the idea of a bot that could churn out content just as good as, if not better, than mine in a fraction of the time was unsettling…

..because it devalues my work, making it far easier for anyone to write articles that can rank with minimal effort.

Now I’ve seen a few article floating around like this:

But I’m not convinced it’s possible.

I’m no algorithm expert but I can’t see how it would be possible for Google to detect whether or not content is written by an A.I where you’re just copying plain text from into wordpress, there’s no hidden html that says “this is A.I content”, there’s no giveaway grammatical errors that tell google its written by an A.I.

I think the only way Google could guess you’re using A.I was if you were churning out content at a rate that was impossible for humans to do, but even then how do they know you haven’t got a huge team of freelance writers working for you?

I might be wrong but I don’t think google can do much about A.I written content, it will rank (as I’ve proved myself) and I think we’re going to see more of it going forward.

Pros & Cons Of A.I. Content


  • Gets rid of writer’s block.
  • Makes it easier to start writing about something that you have no knowledge of.
  • Significantly faster


  • You need to fact-check everything.
  • If you’re writing on a very specific topic it can be hard to persuade the A.I to write in the level of detail you want.
  • You need to plan your structure carefully and give Jasper as much feedback as possible when writing to keep the content on track…if you don’t do this it will need a lot of editing to make it usable.

My plans for incorporating it into my work going forward

I definitely will continue to use Jasper.ai in my own writing however it certainly won’t be replacing my writers with it.

I did vaguely consider getting rid of my writers for one of my sites and replacing them with Jasper.ai however, for me at least it still takes time to plan out a good structure and guide to bot on how to write the article and then also fact check the content when it’s done so at the moment I don’t consider this to be worthwhile.

I do write roughly 20% of my content myself and I will continue to do this however I will use Jasper.ai to speed the process for myself.

4 thoughts on “Ranking no.1 With A.I. Written Content
  1. Great article, was this post written by A.I? 😉

    1. Haha, actually it wasn’t!

  2. Just to say hello from France and thank you for your SHORT and RELEVANT content.
    If you knew how tired I am of reading pages of 3 km long (that google forces us to do to be so-called referenced!) to find answers to my questions.
    I’m looking for a way to finally find a niche that will bring me traffic. I never managed to do it until now… I read your advice and I can’t use any of the paid tools you recommend unfortunately… besides, I tried so many topics, I really have no luck.
    Thank you for your content that doesn’t give me a headache 😉 very good continuation.

    1. Hi Gwen,

      haha, I know I’ve read far too many 3,000 word SEO articles only to get to the end and realise I’ve learn’t nothing of value!

      Thanks for your comment, glad you found it useful.

      Ubersuggest is worth checking out if you can’t use paid tools, it has some free functionality which may be of value.

      In terms of finding a profitable niche I’d start on Flippa.com, have a look at sites that are making over $500/month from affiliate or ads (avoid ecommerce sites) for some inspiration.

      Hope that helps,

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