How To Bypass ‘Recaptcha v1 is Shutdown’

recaptcha v1 is shutdown bypass

Google shut down Recaptcha V1 in 2018 yet even now years later some sites have still yet to upgrade it.

If you encounter this error:

‘reCAPTCHA VA IS SHUTDOWN’ you are prompted to direct the site owner to g.co/recaptcha/upgrade.

Unfortunately, this can be frustratingly difficult particularly if the ReCaptcha appears on their contact form meaning you can’t email the site owner without completing it.

If you can try and contact the site owner through other means such as any social media accounts linked to the site.

Any conscientious site owner or SEO manager should be quick to change it as these kinds of irritating roadblocks are bad for their users.

Things Which May Help You Bypass The Recaptcha

In most cases you will not be able to bypass a shutdown ReCaptcha however some users have reported success trying the following methods:

1. Signing Into Your Google Account

Recaptcha is a Google product that allows them to verify that you are a legitimate person rather than a bot.

If you sign into your Google account prior to visiting the page with the shutdown ReCaptcha on it Google may decide it doesn’t need to use the ReCaptcha on you because it already knows who you are.

2. Enter ‘reCAPTCHA IS SHUTDOWN’ in the box

This is very unlikely to work however some users have reported trying this and having success so it is at least worth having a go.

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