SEO For Construction Companies

Whether you are a small renovation contractor, a real estate developer, a sole trader or any other type of construction company, SEO has the potential to transform your business.

Ranking well for your construction services is a guaranteed way of bringing in a steady flow of leads allowing you to pick and choose the high-value jobs rather than just having to take everything that comes your way.

Why Choose Me To Do

SEO For Your Construction Company

10+ years of SEO Experience

I’ve worked on a huge range of sites and have many successful case studies, including everything from small local businesses to multi-national £50,000,000+ businesses.

I have my own successful websites

I don’t just talk the talk – I have my own portfolio of sites that get over 250,000 visits a month – I do know how to do this stuff!

Reasonable Rates

My rates are reasonable because as a freelancer my fees aren’t overinflated to cover staff fees.


Construction Companies

Every SEO strategy should be slightly different because no two websites are the same, Google ranks websites based on thousands of variables so there is no one size fits all strategy.

Keep reading to find out some of the things I would definitely do to get a construction company website ranking better.

1. Website Auditing

The first thing I would do is check that there are no technical problems with your site that are holding it back from ranking.

A website audit involves a comprehensive assessment of your site structure, the way it is built, how it links together and more, to ensure that everything is optimal for long-term traffic growth.

2. Keyword Research

Keyword research is one of the most fundamental parts of SEO.

It involves finding keywords relevant to your business that it would be worth ranking for.

This includes finding keywords that can be direct money makers for your construction business as well as finding keywords that will help demonstrate your industry expertise.

3. Mapping Out & Optimising For Target Keywords

This involves first planning which keywords to target on which pages and then improving those pages so that they have a better chance of ranking for their target keywords.

4. Building Topical Authority

Building topical authority is key to the success of most SEO campaigns.

Writing content on your blog that demonstrates your construction expertise and getting links from relevant construction publications citing you as a source or mentioning you as a respected business are some of the best ways of building topical authority.

Some easy places to get highly relevant construction links include reaching out to your existing clients and suppliers and asking for a link on their sites.

If you’re redeveloping an iconic building or working on a new housing estate it’s often fairly easy to get a feature in the local paper if you know who to speak to.

I Can Provide SEO Services For Construction Companies

These the services I offer to construction companies looking to improve their SEO:

  • Full-Service SEO – I can manage the whole SEO strategy from start to finish.
  • Specific Services – if you want keyword research, a website audit or some link building I can help, just let me know.
  • Consulting – if you want a second set of eyes to look over your website I can help.
  • Mentoring – if you have in-house SEO staff who may benefit from some extra guidance from an SEO veteran I can help.