18 SEO Newsletters That Will Help You Rank

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If you’ve been doing any form of SEO for longer than 5 minutes you’ll know that the industry is constantly changing as Google changes the landscape day by day with constant tweaks.

Keeping up to date on the latest algorithm updates, SEO best practices and interesting case studies can feel like an impossible task without spending the entire day on Twitter.

Below I’ve put together a list of 18 of the best SEO newsletters that will help keep you informed about what’s going on in the industry, how to actually rank your sites, crazy case studies, SEO news, Local SEO and more.

Pick a couple below that sound of interest to you (I don’t recommend subscribing to more than 3 for the sake of your own sanity!):


Frequency: Weekly

Focuses On: SEO news, guides & tips

Run by: Aleyda Solis

Why You Should Subscribe: #SEOFOMO features the best in SEO every week, including:

  • SEO news and search updates
  • SEO Resources, guides and tips
  • Free SEO tools
  • Remote SEO jobs
  • Upcoming SEO events
  • SEO specialists to follow
  • SEO Giveaways

2. Search News You Can Use

Frequency: Weekly

Focuses On: Algorithm updates, SEO tips Local SEO & more

Run by: Marie Haynes

Why You Should Subscribe: Search News You Can Use offers insight, recommendations, and useful tools to assist industry professionals.

3. The Search Lab Newsletter

Frequency: Monthly

Focuses On: Local SEO

Run by: Greg Gifford

Why You Should Subscribe: Tons of tips about getting businesses found in local search from arguably the worlds leading local SEO expert, Greg Gifford.

4. SEO Notebook

Frequency: Weekly

Focuses On: SEO Strategy & Tips

Run by: Steve Toth

Why You Should Subscribe:

5. tl;dr Marketing

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Focuses On: SEO trends and strategies

Run by: Saijo George

Why You Should Subscribe: The TLDR newsletter is a great way to stay up to date with all things marketing. It gives concise summaries of what you need to know with the option to find out plenty more.

6. Growth Memo

Frequency: Weekly

Focuses On: Real world growth strategies

Run by: Kevin Indig

Why You Should Subscribe: Growth Memo is packed full of genuinely insightful and actionable content tht will help you level up your SEO.

7. The Website Flip Newsletter

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Focuses On: Buying & Selling Websites

Run by: Mushfiq Sarker

Why You Should Subscribe: If you want to make money from buying, growing and selling sites then Mushfiq’s newsletter is a must read. Mushfiq has done almost 200 websites flips himself and shares all of his secrets in his newsletter.

8. Carl Broadbent

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Focuses On: Affiliate / Niche Sites

Run by: Carl Broadbent

Why You Should Subscribe: Carl shares every step of what he is doing to grow his niche site portfolio.

9. Search Engine Journal

Frequency: Daily

Focuses On: SEO, PPC, Content & Social

Run by: searchenginejournal.com

Why You Should Subscribe: Get all the biggest stories, how-to guides, and expert insights in one newsletter, each weekday.

10. Search Engine Land

Frequency: Daily

Focuses On: SEO news & tips

Run by: searchengineland.com

Why You Should Subscribe: Get all the latest news from within the SEO industry.

11. Search Engine Watch

Frequency: Daily

Focuses On: SEO research & news

Run by: searchenginewatch.com

Why You Should Subscribe: In depth research, studies and resources relating to SEO.

12. Zero To Marketing

Frequency: Fortnightly

Focuses On: Case studies & tips

Run by: Andrea Bosoni

Why You Should Subscribe: Step by step case studies of what Andrea would do to grow specific websites.

13. Niche Pursuits

Frequency: Bi-weekly

Focuses On: Building niche/affiliate websites

Run by: Spencer Haws

Why You Should Subscribe: Packed full of SEO News, Niche Site Strategies, Digital Side Hustle Ideas and more, the Niche Pursuits Newsletter can help you grow your niche sites.

14. Copyblogger

Frequency: Weekly

Focuses On: Copywriting for search

Run by: Brian Clark, Tim Stoddart & Stefanie Flaxman

Why You Should Subscribe: This newsletter will help you develop the ability to produce killer online content that attracts attention, drives traffic, and builds your business.

15. Lion Zeal

Frequency: unknown

Focuses On: Advanced field-tested SEO techniques.

Run by: Daryl Rosser

Why You Should Subscribe: If you want to level up your SEO game this newsletter will 100% help.

16. Moz Top 10

Frequency: Fortnightly

Focuses On: The top 10 SEO articles in the two weeks

Run by: Moz.com

Why You Should Subscribe: With this newsletter, you will be kept up to date with the 10 most insightful SEO articles from the last fortnight.

17. The Moz Blog

Frequency: Weekly

Focuses On: SEO news, techniques and more

Run by: Moz.com

Why You Should Subscribe: Receive the latest Moz Blog articles in your inbox on a weekly basis to help you learn how to improve your site’s SEO.

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