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Want to quickly work out roughly what your return on investment from your SEO spend is? Simply use our SEO ROI/Value Calculator below:

Net Additional Monthly Revenue
Monthly ROI
Total SEO Spend To Date
Total Additional Revenue Generated To Date*

*Calculations are made on the basis that you have seen the same amount of additional traffic/additional revenue each month you were paying for SEO - obviously, this is unlikely to be the case. However, you can use this calculation to project what your ROI will be going forward if traffic and conversion remain at the levels they currently are.

How To Use The SEO ROI Calculator

To use the SEO ROI calculator follow these steps:

  1. Input your monthly SEO spend, this could be the fee you pay an agency, the salary of your SEO specialist or the amount you spend on things like content and links.
  2. Input how many months you have paid for this. E.g if you've been paying an agency or staff member for 6 months input 6.
  3. Input the extra monthly search traffic that the SEO campaign has generated. To do this compare the time period you have been paying for SEO with the time period before you started paying for SEO, divide any additional traffic that has come by the total number of months and input this figure in the box.
  4. Input your average conversion rate. You can find this figure in Google Analytics if you go to Conversions>Goals>Overview in the right menu.
  5. Input your average order value. This figure can also be found in Google Analytics under Conversions>eCommerce>Overview.
  6. Click calculate.

What Is SEO ROI?

The definition of SEO ROI is the return on investment that your SEO work yields.

If your SEO strategy generates more money than it costs to run then you have a positive return on investment.

For example, suppose I spent £2,000 a month on SEO for 10 months, and my investment has led to 50,000 extra sessions.

With a conversion rate of 3%, I would get an extra 1,500 orders from that traffic.

With an average order value of £100 that would equate to an extra £150,000 in revenue.

This means I would have made a £100,000 return on my SEO investment.

If an SEO campaign generates less money than it cost then you have a negative ROI.

Bear in mind these figures don't account for profit margins. If my profit margin on the £100 product was only 5% then I'd have made a loss.

This calculator also doesn't account for the long-term effects of SEO. just because you haven't made a return on your SEO investment in the first 6-12 months doesn't mean you aren't going to see positive ROI in the future.

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  1. Nice tool!
    Even if it is simplified, it helps to understand what would be the ROI of an SEO campaign, both as a client and as a freelancer 😊

    1. Thanks Frank, it’s a simple tool but hopefully of use to some people.

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