SEO Unique Content: What Is It?

seo unique content

The definition of Unique SEO Content is an article or text that is original and not copied or duplicated anywhere else on the internet.

Ensuring that content on your site is unique and original is vital if you want to get organic traffic.

If you duplicate existing content then search engines will rank the original content instead of yours.

How To Make Unique SEO Content

Whatever you are writing about someone else has probably already written about it online.

Writing unique content doesn’t mean you have to say something new, present some new research or come up with a new perspective on a topic.

It simply means it should be unique, as in clearly not copied from another site.

The easiest way to do this is to:

  1. First plan out the structure of your article, ensuring that you have headings that cover the topic thoroughly.
  2. Then read widely about the topic.
  3. Then write each section up from memory, this way you will not be duplicating anyone’s content but will rather be making original content.

A few other tips to help make your content unique include:

  • Cite your sources & make sure to use a broad range of sources so that you have a clear picture of the topic.
  • Explain things with your readers in mind so that they will understand the topic clearly.

Another way to create unique SEO content quickly and at scale is by using AI content generation tools such as Jasper.ai.

These have improved considerably since GPT-3 came out meaning that they can now produce good quality readable content that is completely unique (I’ve even managed to rank a few articles no.1 using it).

What Happens If Someone Duplicates Your Content?

If you notice that a site seems to be copying all of your content don’t worry, this is not uncommon particularly when your site starts getting high levels of traffic.

Generally, these sites will not rank, and if they do they certainly won’t rank the copied articles.

Yet in rare cases you do sometimes see sites copying articles and outranking the original.

If this has happened to you you have a few choices:

  • Reach out to the site and ask them to add a canonical link to the article pointing back to your site – this will make it clear to search engines that your article is the original and should fix the ranking issue.
  • Reach out to the site and ask them to remove the article altogether.
  • If you have tried option one and they’ve ignored you then you can request a DMCA takedown. Head to the DMCA takedown form, fill it out and submit the form. You can find more details on how to submit a DNCA takedown request here.

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