‘The Course On Website Flipping’ Reviewed

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As someone who’s built a good number of websites but only ever sold one, I was interested to try Mushfiq’s course and see if it could equip me with the knowledge I need to become a website flipper.

Quick Summary:

Mushfiq’s course taught me a huge amount, particularly about finding sites to buy, site valuations, positioning for an exit and due diligence checks.

I can honestly say that I am better equipped to take on a serious site flip in the near future having done this course.

What’s Covered:

1. The Introduction

Section Length: 35 minutes

This section covered:

  • Website flipping concept
  • Terminology & abbreviations
  • Setting your investment criteria
  • Data from 39 website flips
  • Building vs buying niche sites
  • The required skillsets
  • Website portfolio model

Mushfiq’s course intro is thorough, if you’re completely new to the concept of website flipping the intro takes time to explain why you should trust Mushfiq (his wealth of experience), he takes the time to familiarise you with website-related abbreviations and jargon and much more.

Who Is Mushfiq?

Mushfiq has been flipping websites since 2008, he has over 180 website flips to his name and has been featured on many of the leading website brokerage sites.

2. Website Flip Lifecycle

Section Length: 38 mins

This section covered:

  • Buying a site
  • Stabilizing the site
  • Growth
  • Exit optimization
  • Exit execution
  • 2 case studies of website flips

This section gives a clear overview of how a website flip works from start to finish.

3. Finding Sites To Buy

Section Length: 22 minutes

This section covered:

  • Using brokers
  • Using marketplaces
  • Using non conventional places
  • Off-market deal tactics
  • Dealfeed.io overview

Whenever I try to find a site I always default to Flippa and invariably struggle to find anything worth buying.

This section was gold dust to me because not only did it highlight new dealers and marketplaces but it also provided high-value information about how to pursue off-market deals.

The course is worth buying just for this section alone.

4. Website Valuations

Section Length: 46 minutes

This section covered:

  • Valuation methodology
  • Monthly multiple
  • Revenues & cost calculation
  • Live walkthrough of P&Ls
  • Negotiation tactics

Base Monthly Multiplier: 35x in 2021

I thought I had a decent understanding of website valuations (35 x monthly income). This section of the course taught me that there is far more to valuing a website than just slapping a multiplier on it.

There was helpful advice on the type of things that may lead to getting a higher than an average multiplier.

There was also a detailed walkthrough of a couple of profit and loss spreadsheets.

5. Due Diligence

Section Length: 36 minutes

This section covers all the things you should be looking at before making a purchase, it covers:

  • Recommended Tools
  • Due Diligence Framework
  • A review of easydiligence.io (mushfiq’s paid tool for quickly doing due diligence checks)

For me as someone who is experienced in growing and monetizing sites, I did learn a huge amount from this section but it was helpful to see a more systematic approach to running due diligence checks. This section would be invaluable to anyone who is new to this.

6. Growing The Site

Section Length: 17 minutes

This section covers:

  • High-level tactics
  • Easy growth levers
  • High difficulty growth levers
  • Easywin.io overview (mushfiq’s paid tool for finding quick wins)

I wasn’t expecting this section to be particularly useful for me as growing websites is what I do full time for a living.

Yet the section on high-difficulty growth levers was useful as most of the suggestions in there were things I haven’t yet implemented on any of my sites.

7. Positioning For Sale

Section Length: 16 minutes

This section covered:

  • Creating a mini prospectus
  • Advanced tactics to maximise exit
  • Keep easy wins for buyer

This section was packed full of great tips which can help you get a higher sales price or quicker sale for your site.

A few great ideas I picked up from this section were adding some content in bulk but leaving it in draft mode so that the buyer can hit the ground running and leaving some easy wins for the buyer such as giving them an unpublished ebook to sell on the site.

8. Executing The Sale

Section Length: 16 minutes

This section covered:

  • Why sell a niche site
  • When to sell a niche site
  • Valuation as a seller
  • Listing site for sale
  • Escrow process
  • Website transfer process

This was another high-value section for me. As I’ve mentioned I’ve yet any of my main sites mainly because I always feel they could do better.

This section helped me think this whole process through as well as work out how to value the site as a seller (rather than as a buyer).


  • High-value data and experience-driven insights.
  • New places and methods to use to buy a new site.
  • You will learn a lot about how websites are actually valued and what you can do to improve your site’s valuation.


  • Mushfiq can’t seem to add up minutes!

Who is this course suitable for?

Honestly, if you’ve got any interest at all in buying and selling sites for profit then this course is for you.

If you’re a complete beginner then I highly recommend you get the course as you will be taught by an experienced expert.

If you’re someone like myself who is familiar with parts of the website flip process (such as growing and monetizing traffic), but less familiar with aspects such as positioning a site for sale and finding places to buy sites then this course is also definitely worth the money.

Value For Money?

If, like me, you’re planning to buy and sell sites for profit then Mushfiq’s course is absolutely worth the money.

Mushfiq has been doing this stuff for years and shares everything he has learned about the process.

There’s tons of incredibly useful stuff in here that I personally had no knowledge of despite having been growing sites myself for the last 10 years.

If you’re serious about getting into the website flipping business then this course is a great place to start even if you’re something of a veteran you’re bound to pick up many useful tips.

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