What Does An SEO Consultant (Actually) Do?

SEO Consultants don’t just rely on one-off consulting pieces, they also undertake ongoing monthly SEO work. The type of jobs they do are similar to the type of work an SEO agency would do for you.

what does an SEO Consultant do

In my role working in SEO in Liverpool here are some examples of the types of things I regularly do:

Competitor Audits

A consultant will analyze the strengths and weaknesses of websites ranking above you in order to highlight opportunities for your site and flesh out an effective SEO strategy.

Content Creation

Many SEO Consultants (myself included) will have a small team of freelance writers who they can utilise to write well-researched, well-optimised content for you if that is a service you need.

Content Gap Audits

A consultant will review your website’s content and compare it to the content of competitors to identify any gaps or opportunities for improvement.

Content Templating

Consultants may create content templates for keyword-targeted content, these templates will typically include all required headings and guidance on internal linking, word count, tone of voice, keyword mentions and more.

The client can then use this to write their own content so it shouldn’t need much additional optimisation once completed.

Conversion Rate Optimisation Consulting

This involves assisting with setting up behavioural tracking software, setting up useful tests and analysis of results to help your site make more money from its existing traffic.

External Link Profile Audits

Consultants may perform an analysis of the backlinks that point to your website from external sources.

The main objective of these types of audits is to identify any issues with the website’s link profile that may be negatively impacting rankings or links that are not worth continuing to invest in, the creation of a disavow file may also be included in this if necessary.

Google Business Profile Audits

This involves a full review of a client’s Google Business Profile for any missed opportunities or areas that need improvement.

Internal linking Audits

A review of current internal linking practices with link change recommendations.

This can involve things such as:

  • Reviewing the anchor text used.
  • Reviewing if more than one link per page is being built to the same page.
  • Reviewing if key pages have a sufficient number of in-content links.

Keyword Research

Looking for untapped keyword opportunities to build content around, all with a view to helping primary pages (and revenue) rank better due to topical authority improvements made by adding more relevant content.

Link Building

An SEO Consultant will analyze the site’s current link profile and seek to build links that are safe and effective.

They may also provide guidance on how to approach link building yourself if you wish to do it in-house.

Monthly Reporting

If needed an SEO Consultant will provide monthly reports typically with a breakdown of organic traffic, primary keyword rankings, conversion and other key factors including work done over the last month.

Personally, I usually deliver this using Google Data Studios.

Multilingual SEO Consulting

Want to serve your site in different languages for different regions? Most SEO Consultants will be able to help walk you through the complex maze of hreflang tags to get this functioning correctly.

Page-Specific Content Reviews

The content on your page is one of the most vital things when it comes to ranking well, an SEO Consultant will review specific pages and analyse how they are performing in the search results by looking at search console data.

They will then suggest recommendations on how to improve page content to boost ranking positions.

Schema Recommendations

Reviewing existing schema on the site and recommending additional schema that could be used to help make your site easier for search engines to understand.

Site Speed Audits

Identifying key issues that may be impacting site speed and providing recommendations for improvement.

Technical Audits

A comprehensive analysis of a website’s technical setup to identify and suggest fixes for any issues that may impact performance.

A few examples of the type of things that may be looked at in a technical audit include:

  • Broken links
  • Redirects
  • Canonical links
  • Noindexed pages
  • ..and much more

Some Consultants (such as me) may also offer SEO Video audits to help make the process of reviewing your site easier to understand.

Traffic Drop Analysis

Identifying the reasons for a website’s decreased traffic by analyzing Google updates, web changes made and issues with your existing SEO strategy.

This can be an invaluable service if you have recently experienced a big traffic drop and have no idea how to turn things around.

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