What Is A Source File On Fiverr?

what is a source file on fiverr

A source file on Fiverr is an editable file of your completed work.

Most Fiverr gigs charge buyers slightly more for the source files.

The type of file will vary depending on the type of gig you have ordered.

For example, if you order a gig that offers to write up a contract for you then you may receive the final product as a .PDF file however if you purchase an order which also provides you with the source files you will also get an editable .doc or .docx file so you can make further amendments to it.

If you order a logo your final product will usually come as a .jpg or .png file. The source files for these could be in the form of an .AI .PSD or .SVG file which can be edited in photo editing software.

Examples of a few different types of potential source files include:

  • Ai : Editable in Adobe Illustrator.
  • EPS : Vector file, ideal for printing on various formats.
  • PSD : Editable in Adobe Photoshop.
  • Vector File: A vector-based image such as .AI SVG or .EPS
  • .doc & .docx: Editable in Microsoft Word

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