Where Does Canva Get Their Images?

where does canva get its images

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Canva gets many of its images from Pexels & Pixabay both of which it acquired in May 2019.

Both Pexels And Pixabay have large active communities of contributors who routinely upload images that are free to use.

Canva also has its own contributor program where users can submit photos, graphics, stickers and videos.

Pexels & Pixabay

Pexels & Pixabay were both acquired by Canva in 2019.

At the time of the acquisition, both sites had over 1,000,000 images each which were added to Canva’s image library.

That number has continued to grow as Pexels & Pixabay users continue to contribute more of their own images.

User Contributions

Canva allows contributors to share their images, videos, stickers and graphics with their marketplace of over 65 million users.

Canva contributors can choose to submit their work for free or be paid royalties when an image is licensed.

If you choose to receive royalties you will receive 35% of the fee every time one of your graphics or images is licensed.

Canva’s current fees are:

  • One-Time Use license: 1 USD = $0.35 in royalties
  • Multi-Use license: 10 USD = $3.50 in royalties
  • Extended Use license: 100 USD = $35 in royalties

How To Contribute Images To Canva

If you want to contribute images, graphics, stickers or videos to Canva follow these steps:

  • Head to Canva’s contributor page.
  • Familiarise yourself with their contributor guidelines so that you can be sure that your submissions will be accepted.
  • Head to the ‘Contributor Hub’, select the ‘Upload’ tab and press the ‘Select File’ button to upload your work.
  • Add an image title, an artist name and keywords to each image to make them easier for users to find.
  • When you have finished doing this for all images tick the box at the bottom that confirms that you own the content you are submitting.
  • If you want to be paid for your images do not tick the first box.
  • Then press the submit button.

Your images will then be reviewed before they are made available.

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