Why You Should Start a Site in a Boring Niche

start a site in a boring niche

Looking to start a new website, here’s why you should consider going into a ‘boring’ niche:

Common advice when starting a new site is to start in a niche you’re interested in.

This is good advice.

Writing can very quickly become boring, even more so if you have no personal interest in the topic you’re writing about.

If you’re interested in your niche you’re far more likely to stick at it and make your site a success.

However many of us (myself included) have very mainstream interests, if you’re interested in keeping fit, pets, cooking or anything else which is a common interest you’re going to be competing against thousands and thousands of other sites for every keyword.

This doesn’t mean it can’t be done, but it does mean you are likely to have to spend more time and/or money to get your site ranking than you would in a boring niche.

However the big issue with boring niches is that they’re tedious and you will quickly give up before your site gets going.

Here are three ways to combat this:

  1. Outsource all the content.
  2. Use templates – a lot of boring niche content is very easy to template, doing this will massively speed up content production.
  3. Use AI written content such as Jasper.ai (just make sure you fact-check it).

3 Boring Niche Examples:

Below are three example of ‘boring’ niches that could be worth considering, remember always do your own research before jumping into any niche!

1. Opening Hours

There are thousands of searches such as:

  1. “what time does ‘x’ open?”
  2. “what time does ‘x’ close?”
  3. “Is ‘x’ open on Sundays?”
  4. ‘x’ Saturday opening hours

..for thousands of different stores and businesses.

While you might think that the stores themselves and Google My Business would lap up all the ranking positions for these keywords you’d be wrong.

Here are three sites that are getting lots of traffic from these sort of search terms:

2. Window Tinting Laws

There are thousands of ‘boring’ searches relating to this such as:

  • Window tinting laws ohio – 1.9k searches/month
  • Window tinting laws Florida – 2.4k searches/month
  • Window tinting laws – 2.4k searches/month
  • Window tinting laws UK – 1.3k searches/month
  • Penalty for tinted windows – 30 searches/month
  • Window tinting laws texas – 3.6k searches/month

3. Potholes

This could also be a great boring niche to build a site around, with search terms such as:

  • How to report a pothole – 480 searches/month
  • Report a pothole Manchester – 20 searches/month
  • Report a pothole Liverpool – 20 searches/month
  • Report potholes Surrey – 30 searches/month

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