First Blog Post

new beard


welcome to my website.

As of September 2020 I’ve been working full time for myself, so thought it made sense to chuck a website together where I can flog services or at least stick a link on my Linkedin profile as a place I ‘work’.

I plan to use this blog to share the occasional SEO-related tip, trick or nonsensical thought.

How regular my musings will be I don’t know, but I hope to stick something on here at least once a month..

..lets see if that happens.

Peace, love and SERPs,


This beard only lasted two hours, just posting it here for posterity.


    1. Thanks,

      the gardening niche can be very competitive but there are plenty of lower competition opportunities in every niche when you’re getting started, my top tip would be don’t give up, it can take months of consistent work before you start seeing any decent traction.

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